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          Picture:STD-302Z Channel programmable narrow band FM transceiver
          STD-302Z 434 MHzNEW!

          Circuit Design has announced the release of the new narrowband STD-302Z for 434 MHz.

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          Picture:SLR-434M Low power long range radio modem the SLR-434M smart modem is a compact, easy to use embedded radio modem operating in the 434 MHz ISM band.

          Circuit Design has announced the release of the new smart modem SLR-434M. As well as data communication, it is also possible to process up to 8 switching signals. Evaluation samples - available now

          As well as conventional FSK, SLR-434M also incorporates LoRa for greater sensitivity and increased range of a few km or more line of sight.

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          Featured products

          Picture:NK-2.4Y 2.4 GHz telecommand module
          2.4 GHz

          2.4 GHz telecommand module

          Picture:STD-601 (B) 434MHz miniature narrow band radio transceiver
          434, 400 MHz

          New miniature narrow band radio transceiver

          Picture:embedded 2.4 GHz radio transceiver modem STD-503

          A compact 2.4 GHz radio transceiver module for industrial applications

          Featured products

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          Jun. 2019

          Circuit Design will be exhibiting at VIETNAM MANUFACTURING EXPO 2019.

          Dates: From 14 - 16 Aug. 2019
          Location: HANOI (VIETNAM)
          Booth no.: A04

          May 2019

          Announcing the new compact multi channel transmitter and receiver CDP-TX-07M(P) and CDP-RX-07M(P) 434 MHz with CE that meets with receiver category 1 standard.

          Apr. 2019

          Golden Week holidays - Circuit Design will be closed during the Golden Week period from 29th April to 6th May 2019.

          Jan. 2019
          The evaluation boards WA-TBT-03S , WA-TBR-03S

          [YouTube video] - Circuit Design has released a video showing the evaluation boards WA-TBT-03S , WA-TBR-03S. The boards allow quick testing of the WA-TX-03S and WA-RX-03S audio modules for wireless audio transmission in the 863 MHz band.

          Dec. 2018
          Demonstration video] for the NK-2.4Y

          [YouTube video] - In addition to the [demonstration video] for the NK-2.4Y, Circuit Design have released a video that highlights the technical specifications of the NK-2.4Y and also shows example connection diagrams.

          Nov. 2018

          Circuit Design Inc. will exhibit at the electronica trade fair in Munich, Germany from 13 to 16 November 2018. At Stand 127 in Hall C3.

          Dates: From Tuesday, 13th to Friday, 16th November
          Location: Messe München
          Booth no.: C3. 127

          Introduction of the exhibits at "electronica 2018"

          July 2018
          STD-302Z 458 MHz

          STD-302Z 458 MHz

          Announcing the new narrowband STD-302Z for 458 MHz with receiver category 1 approval.

          May 2018
          STD-302Z 434 MHz

          STD-302Z 434 MHz

          Announcing the new narrowband STD-302Z for 434 MHz with CE marking and receiver category 1 approval.

          May 2018
          WA-TX-03S / WA-RX-03S


          Announcing the new smart modem incorporating LoRa technology providing increased sensitivity and range.

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          By using Circuit Design's RF module, we introduce an example where the implementation of wireless has improved convenience.

          See the example